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Gemma (Haupt) Bennett - CBT Counsellor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Naturopath



Hidden Gem offers everything you could need to bring you back to  Holistic Health & Happiness.


Focusing on healing the whole person not just the symptoms, taking into account mind, body and lifestyle.  I have an extensive toolbox of holistic therapies and options that can be used for each individual case.  

Offering a truly unique and effective approach to health and healing



Sevices Include:


CBT Counselling

Usui Reiki

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Nutritional Advice


Herbal Remedies

Holistic Therapies


About Me:


I Started out as a personal trainer and discovered there was so much more to  health and happiness than just the physical, I enjoyed looking at clients as a  whole, 'holisticially'. Mind, body and emotions are all part of health & happiness. I'm facinated with the power of the mind and helping people to rediscover their happiness and zest for life.


What do I do at Hidden Gem?


Over the last few years i've been working with many clients from various backgrounds with differening issues, such as anxiety, stress and depression.


Often people feel lost, unbalanced and unhappy. Stressors in life take over  and it's quite common to feel overwhelmed or out of control, I work with the  client to facillitate their healing on a mental and emotional level and help  guide them back to feeling great again.

You're supposed to feel great in this life and sometimes you just need a little assistance.


Recently I've branched off into working with addictions and cravings for  both food and smoking and had huge success with this, focusing on the hidden emotions involved in these behaivours.



With my work, I use my 'toolbox' (as I call it) of holistic therapies to

help each client individually, depending on what combination i think would help and suit them best.

Gemma (Haupt) Bennett s.n.h.s.dip CBT

CBT Counsellor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Therapist & Naturopath

'The sessions with Gemma achieved results I did not expect or think possible. The combination if reiki, EFT and CBT enabled me to identify and let go if things causing underlying stress and anxiety. Sometimes I cried, others I laughed and on days felt exhausted but now I am stronger, more positive and more focused. Gemma was definitely the 'teacher' I needed and I will be forever thankful for her wisdom, non-judgemental approach and kind positive nature. Each day I can put what I have learnt to use'  Samantha

'I felt unbelievably relaxed after each session. Reiki gave me an amazing surge of energy that just kept going. Found my old creative self . Have transformed the house, made decisions and made things happen. Everything seems much easier. Now think about an issue, leave it and seem to find the answer comes to me the next day!  Life seems more in perspective, making more time for me and people/things that are important. Problems seem halved.

Feel like I’m back to how I was several years ago.  Don’t want this feeling to end' Sue

'This therapy and Gemma's patient and caring guidance helped me quit my 15 year smoking habit. This is the only therapy that really gets to the root of the emotional problem allowing you to free yourself from any addiction fully and permanently.


Thank you so much Hidden Gem'  Hayley

Hidden Gem - Holistic Health & Happiness -