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Therapist for wellbing and emotional balance.

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'When the Catalyst to your future happiness lies within a choice that is yours to make, then the power is all yours, you own it!'


Gemma (Haupt) Bennett s.n.h.s.dip CBT

CBT Counsellor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Speaker, Writer and lifecoach.

'I felt unbelievably relaxed after each session. Reiki gave me an amazing surge of energy that just kept going. Found my old creative self . Have transformed the house, made decisions and made things happen. Everything seems much easier. Now think about an issue, leave it and seem to find the answer comes to me the next day!  Life seems more in perspective, making more time for me and people/things that are important. Problems seem halved.

Feel like I’m back to how I was several years ago.  Don’t want this feeling to end' Sue

'This therapy and Gemma's patient and caring guidance helped me quit my 15 year smoking habit. This is the only therapy that really gets to the root of the emotional problem allowing you to free yourself from any addiction fully and permanently.


Thank you so much Hidden Gem'  Hayley

Hidden Gem - Holistic Health & Happiness -


I'm Gemma Bennett.  I'm a women ascending. Growing and rising as I learn through my own experiences and the experiences of others. I'm in a pursuit of a life of joyful and wholehearted living.  And to share these learnings to help others sustain an emotionally fulfilling and ultimately happy life of their own through my one to one therapies, workshops and writing.


I believe in feeling it to heal it. I believe in being all you are unapologetically,  owning all the multi facets of ourselves and celebrating them like we do as children. I believe that  reconnecting with your soul free's you.  I believe we're resilient and powerful enough to release ourselves from being a victim of life or circumstance and I  love to help people find this place for themselves as I have for myself.  


I want to inspire and be inspired!


I spent too long hiding and fulfilling perceived roles.  Confused about my identity. But I have worked to liberate myself in lots of ways. I am craetive and my creative life feeds my therapeutic life and visa versa. They intertwine as I intertwine.


Creative expression in all forms feeds me. I want to do it and be around it. Poetry,  art, music and performance.  


I seek fun, life should be joyous! I seek balance in all things.  Fast and slow, hot and cold.  Quiet and loud.  Silly and serious.

I seek connection.  To people.  I love people. I want to know your genuine self.  Whoever you are. A connection to nature and to my soul.


Lastly but importantly.  Becoming a mum has given me a deeper connection to who I actually am and a much deeper acceptance of self.  I love it more than I could ever have imagined and for completely different reasons than I thought.

Who am I?....

What I do...



Welcome to my website.


I am a Holistic Therapist. based in Essex, working with REIKI and EFT and a CBT Counselling. I have worked in this way, within my theraputic business Hidden Gem Holistic Health and Happiness, for nearly 10 years.

I work with clients on a number of  emotional and wellbeing issues including, anxiety, stress, overwhemlemt, trauma, greif and issues around worthines and self esteme. My clients range in age, gender and background but all have made a powerful choice to address and seek help to improve their current needs. For that I am always so inspired, it's not easy to amke that move to reach out but it's a huge step in the right direction!


To work with me you dont have to know exactly what approach you need. We can discover this togther and combine therpies where required.


I am also a motivatonl speaker for wellbeing and workshop leader. Regualtrly writing and delevering wellbeing workshops by myself or with my collegue Ella Dixon under the banner of soulful hearts - modern day wellbeing. Click here for more information.


I have written a personal deveolpment course that is truly transformational for lasting emotional balance. This 12 week theraputic / lifecoaching package is called 'Sunny'. Click here for more information.


I am also a Reiki Master and teacher, running couyrses throughout the year.