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Prices and Packages

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Prices and Packages

One off Reiki Treatment - £35 per session

(see details)

Block of 10 Reiki Treatments - £315


Bespoke Rebalance Course - £230

(see details) (includes all therapies)



One off EFT Treatment - £35 per session

(see details)

Block of 10 EFT Treatments - £315


Also available via skype - see online products


Naturopathy Treatment, Protocol and 3 months of support and followups - £90


initial indepth consultation,Planned protocol to follow.

(supplements not included)

(see details)


Also availbable online - see online products


Cognitive Behavoural Therapy -

Free initial Consultation prior to treatment arrangement

Block of 10 sessions £350 block of 6 sessions £210

(see details)


Online Guidance Clinic - £20 - see online products


SKYPE Sessions available in CBT, EFT and lifecoaching - see online products


Hidden Gem - Holistic Health & Happiness -