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Therapist for wellbing and emotional balance.

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'When the Catalyst to your future happiness lies within a choice that is yours to make, then the power is all yours, you own it!'

Reiki Rebalance Course

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'I have just completed this course with Gemma. I cannot recommend it enough. It really makes you aware of who you are, and all your surroundings. After each session I would feel calm and relaxed, with a strong sense of wellbeing! Gemma has a very happy outlook on life, and that is really felt in every session. I will continue to have Reiki with her' JG

'This is an excellent course, I would recommend it to anyone searching for more meaning in their lives and a closer spiritual connection. Whilst on the course I experienced past life and out of body dreams. I also feel a deeper connection to myself and my life path. Letting Gemma take care of your energy centres gives you a real boost in evreything  else you do in life. Thankyou.' CE

'For me this course has been life changing. Hard to imagine, i know, but true. I came to Gemma on the verge of going bck onto anti depressions and feeling lost, insecure and extremely low. I have had several major issues to deal with in the last year and was at my wits end. Uisng the tools provided on this course I have faced my fears, pushed them aside and am now in the happpiest place i've been for a long time. I have tuned the family buisness around, got a part time job (which includes retraining) and my outlook on life is great. I literally have faced my fears an now have complete control of my thoughts, feelings and mindset. Everything that happens in your past has a way of having an impact on your life now. Until you move on from that you will remain stagnent. I truely believe that Gemma has found her niche in life and being so passionate about her beliefs means that energy is transfered to the work she does with you. I cannot thank her enough' Anon

'I didn't know why I signed up for this course, my only previous experience of reiki had been a bit overwhelming but I did it anyway. On completion of my sessions I truly believe in the statement 'life always gives us the teacher we need at any moment' I had been excelling in some areas of my life and others that were a bit painful had just been brushed to one side. The sessions with Gemma achieved results I did not expect or think possible. The combination if reiki, EFT and CBT enabled me to identify and let go if things causing underlying stress and anxiety. Sometimes I cried, others I laughed and on days felt exhausted but now I am stronger, more positive and more focused. Gemma was definitely the 'teacher' I needed and I will be forever thankful for her wisdom, non-judgemental approach and kind positive nature. Each day I can put what I have learnt to use, the effects far exceed 6 weeks!' SL

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